Friday, June 6, 2008

4-H Week at the County Fair

[Photo by RichardBH.]

Well, it is crunch time. Will Princess Kitten get her projects finished by the deadline? Maybe, if we work all weekend. And next year, we pro-o-o-o-omise to work steadily throughout the semester, not put it all off until the last minute. Right?

4-H is an amazing resource for frugal homeschoolers. Membership is free, and the project books (which you can order online for a small fee, but which we get free through our local club) are full of great ideas. In addition to the topic of study, children learn to set goals, and they learn the benefits of working steadily toward those goals, or the consequences of not doing so. There are ever so many projects available: computers, visual arts, pets, cooking, rocketry, communication, geography and cultures, sewing, bicycles, citizenship, health & safety, electricity, camping, and more --- including, of course, the traditional crops and farm animals.

If you would like to supplement next year's school program with a 4-H project, here are some links that might help you plan:

Now I had better go cut a mat, so I can frame that Visual Arts project. See you after the Fair!

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