Thursday, May 22, 2008

Free Lecture: Eisenhower and Operation Overlord

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Both of my sons are history buffs. They hate history textbooks, but they love to listen to college lectures on audiotape, so we organize our high school history courses around The Teaching Company tape sets. From time to time, TTC will offer one of their lectures for free download.

The most recent announcement from TTC's website:

In honor of Memorial Day, The Teaching Company is proud to present a free lecture, Eisenhower and Operation Overlord.

The largest amphibious assault in military history, Operation Overlord is considered by most people to be the turning point of World War II. The invasion of Nazi-controlled Europe on June 6, 1944, involved an armada of 5,333 Allied vessels crossing the English Channel and hitting key beaches along the coastline of France.

But even before the first wave of troop carriers beached on the shores of Normandy and other strategic landing sites, the entire world was waiting in anticipation of an Allied invasion of northwestern Europe. Where, when, and how it would come were questions that only Dwight D. Eisenhower, supreme commander of the invasion, could answer.

Download Eisenhower and Operation Overlord between now and July 31, 2008, to get a detailed perspective on how Eisenhower dealt with the tense preparations for an assault on which the fate of the free world depended.

I think my sons are right --- textbooks are no way to learn history. We listen to TTC tapes on family trips or while running errands, and I have enjoyed learning about everything I missed by sleeping through history class in school. [Well, I didn't always fall asleep. One time the teacher caught me with a science fiction book hidden behind my open American History text.]

Tip for frugal homeschoolers

Every TTC lecture series goes on sale at least once a year, so never buy anything from them at full price. Also, check your local library loan system. By using the library, we have been able to listen to several lecture sets for free.

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