Friday, May 16, 2008

I Love KISS Grammar

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Do your students think that grammar is abstruse? That's how I felt, until I discovered Dr. Ed Vavra's KISS Grammar program. Dr. Vavra's approach is clear, cumulative, and focused on how words work in real sentences and paragraphs by real authors. And the amazing thing is, he gives it away for free!

The official KISS curriculum sequence begins in 2nd grade. Most of what students need to learn is presented by the end of 4th grade --- and by the end of 7th grade, according to Dr. Vavra, "students have learned everything they need to know in order to explain the function of every word in any sentence that they read or write." Of course, parents may take a slower pace if they wish.

Where to start with KISS Grammar

  • The grade level workbooks
    Notice the new "Starting in Grade __" links under each grade level. These lead to a set of exercises on basic topics, which you can use as review for experienced students or to teach students who have not studied grammar before.
  • Working independently
    For older students or adults who want to expand their understanding of how words work in real writing.
KISS Grammar is a work in progress. Dr. Vavra writes, "It will take some time for these books to be completed, but one of my main objectives is to complete the books for grade 5 and grade 8. Hopefully, these will give parents and teachers who are starting later a clear sequence of instruction and exercises suitable for their students. Obviously, teachers can find additional exercises for each KISS level in the independent books."

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