Friday, May 9, 2008

Spending Time to Save Money

[Photo by Darren Hester.]

With one thing and another, our family budget has exploded out of control. It is time to reign it in, and I know there must be a way to do this without sacrificing a quality education for my children. In fact, I suspect that if we put some work into it, we could come up with an excellent homeschooling program for next to nothing.

No, I am not unhappy with the homeschool program we have been using. I enjoy having the whole year's schedule spread out before me, with the work divided into easily-digested daily chunks. I love the books we read --- at least, most of them --- and I appreciate the ease of one-stop shopping. But the price of everything keeps going up, doesn't it? Something has to give.

Of course, my problem is aptly summarized in the proverb: "You have to spend time to save money." Do you have extra time sitting around, just waiting to be spent? Me, neither. I am barely keeping up with my current obligations --- okay, I admit that many days I am not even doing that. Far too frequently, things fall through the crack, or off the back of the desk, or get buried in a stack of good intentions.

So where am I going to find time to trade for saving money? Discovering that will be part of the adventure!

Just think of all the wonderful resources we have available:

  • An extensive library loan system, in addition to our small-town local library.
  • Local and regional museums, parks, and historic organizations.
  • The Internet --- full of scams and garbage, yes, but also bursting with pages about any topic we may want to study, including lesson plans posted by other teachers, educational games, worksheet generators, and more.
I hope this blog will become one of those wonderful resources, too: a collection of links to the best of the best free and inexpensive homeschooling resources I can find. I don't know where this path will take me, but it should be an interesting journey....

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