Monday, July 28, 2008

Bridge to Reading

[Photo by The Jamoker.]

Is your child ready to learn to read? Here is a downloadable program that can help your student make the transition from letter sounds to true reading.

From the first screen, the child is reading and writing a (very simple) fairy tale adventure. Pictures, sound, and animation help hold a child's interest. Bridge to Reading has a continually increasing reading level, beginning with small words like cat and dog, and building to 10-15 word sentences.

A quote from the website
Words are gradually introduced through the events on the screen that provide a meaningful context for their comprehension. Introduction of new words is carefully spaced out, so that previous words have become familiar, but there is constant learning... By the end of chapter seven, children will have learned 105 of the most common English words...

Bridge to Reading is fundamentally different from most of the educational games and 'edutainment' programs currently on the market. It has no 'shoot-em-ups', high scores or other distracting elements. In most educational programs, the reward, in sound and animations, is extrinsic to the action the child is supposed to perform; it is a treat given for a trick. In this program, the reward is intrinsic.
Programs for Pre-Readers, Too

Bridge to Reading does require children to have basic familiarity with letters and their sounds. If your student is a complete beginner, try playing with these games first:

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