Monday, August 4, 2008

Free Lectures in Honor of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

An announcement from The Teaching Company, one of our favorite resources for high school history:

Ancient Origins of the Olympic Games

"In celebration of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, The Teaching Company is proud to present a pair of free commissioned lectures.

"Although the modern version of the Olympic Games has been around for over 100 years since its revival at the 1896 games in Athens, the Olympics have a rich and exciting history that goes back to ancient Greece. A crucial aspect of Greek culture, the ancient Olympics emphasized the ideas of heroism and honor established by Homer's epic poetry. The games were meant to celebrate physical strength, speed, and manhood. Most importantly, they embodied the spirit of competition (agon) that defined ancient Greek life.

"The games as they were played back then bear a striking contrast to the Olympics as we know them today:
  • Athletes originally represented their families and not their communities.
  • Women were not allowed to compete and only unmarried women could watch the games.
  • There were no team sports; rather, individual athletes competed against each other.
  • The games never moved to different locations; instead, they were always held in the city of Olympia in southern Greece.
"Despite their differences, the ancient Olympics were as celebrated as today's games. The first Olympics captured what it meant to be a citizen of Greece. The Olympics of today capture what it means to be a citizen of the world."
You can download Ancient Origins of the Olympic Games any time until September 4, in mp3 or iPod format. Enjoy!

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Natalie said...

Thank you for submitting this to the CoH: NBTS Edition.

We are going to download these free lectures.

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