Thursday, August 14, 2008

Math Caching Game

In the treasure-hunting game of Geocaching (pronounced "geo-cashing"), players use GPS systems to locate boxes hidden at different geographical locations across the country. Now, the creative people at have created online activities for junior high and high school students, called MathCaching. Students solve mathematical problems to find hidden "boxes" on the Internet. Each box reveals clues to the location of the next one.

Here are the MathCaching levels now available:

MathCaching for Basic Math Skills
The "BasicCaching" game covers prealgebra skills such as fractions, ratios, percents, order of operations, signed numbers, exponents, sum of angles in a triangle, mean, median, and probability.

The "AlgeCaching" game challenges students with order of operations, equation solving, integer and consecutive integer word problems, slope, distance, midpoint, area, radicals, exponents, factoring, quadratic equations, and rational equations.

The "GeoCaching" game requires knowledge of angles, reasoning, parallel and perpendicular lines, triangles, congruent triangles and proof, quadrilaterals, area and volume, polygons, similarity, circles, and transformations.

The "Alge2Caching" game tests such topics as absolute value equations and inequalities; radical equations, functions, logarithms, exponentials, quadratics, complex fractions, asymptotes, rational equations, sequences and series, Binomial Theorem, and probability.

The "TrigCaching" game covers right triangle trig, angle relationships, conversion between radians and degrees, reference angles, exact values, area of triangle, Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, amplitude, frequency, period, vertical shift, phase shift, inverse trig functions, and identities.

PreCalculus and Calculus levels are coming soon.

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