Thursday, May 29, 2008

Explore Science at the Exploratorium

Do you have a great hands-on science museum nearby? For us, a science field trip means travel time --- which may be out of the question with gas prices nowadays.

Fortunately, the Exploratorium has put together a huge website, value-packed with fascinating facts and activities. Turn your kids loose on one of these pages. Then sit back and watch them learn:

Or lose yourself in the Exploratorium's tools for teaching page.

Though I was a physics major, science experiments (and the resulting clean-up) have never been among my favorite things. But even I am looking forward to playing around with Goodness Gracious! Great Balls of Gluten!

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Jane @ Kidzarama said...

That sounds great. Here in Sydney we have the Powerhouse Museum, but it's right in the CBD with no parking and at least an hour and a half train travel to get there.

Plus it's not cheap.

So I'll definitely be checking this site out for the kids!

Denise said...

We are in a similar situation, Jane. There are some fantastic museums sort-of near us (Chicago and St. Louis), but travel and parking and exhibit fees all add up so quickly. So I am delighted when I find interesting things like the Exploratorium online, which we can use at our convenience.