Tuesday, May 13, 2008

KidsArt Blends Art and History

We are packing up supplies for art class, which made me think of teaching art. While my kids LOVE the teacher they have now, and I love the work they are doing with her, that may be one of the expenses that has to be cut. I'm no artist, so how can I teach it?

One of my favorite inexpensive resources are the KidsArt booklets (only $4 each or $17 for a set of 5), which I collected back when they offered them like a magazine subscription. Featuring open-ended, hands-on projects along with snippets of art history or world cultures, these topical studies work for a wide range of ages --- perfect for the homeschool family.

Even better, the KidsArt website offers a variety of free resources, which make it a great place to visit even with a busted budget.

Free art lessons from KidsArt

  • And more
    Activities, games, projects and tidbits from art history.
And now, we've gotta run, or we'll be late for class. See you later!

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