Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Have Fun with Still Life

[Painting by James Peale.]

The National Gallery of Art's latest online game for kids will let your students create interactive compositions like the paintings of the old masters:

After playing around for awhile, take time to enjoy the slideshow of still life paintings and art objects from the Gallery's collection. Can you spot the elements of each picture that appeared in the game? There is also a printable checklist of who made what, so you can learn more about the artists.

Older students may enjoy a deeper look at the history and symbolism of 17th-century Dutch still life in this chapter from the National Gallery's classroom teaching packet Painting in the Dutch Golden Age:
But what kind of an art lesson would it be if you didn't break out the paints and get messy? So here are some articles and lessons to help you create your own still lifes:

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