Monday, June 30, 2008

Talk like an Alien --- Latin, Anyone?

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Science fiction writer C.J. Cherryh recommends that every aspiring science fiction writer take the time to learn an alien language.

Cherryh writes: "Heard it's hard? No. Just analyzed to death. If you're intellectually curious, take a time trip... Look at Latin the way Romans learned it. No grammar, no rules. No fear."
Or, how about Latin the macho way?

If you want a bit more grammar and rules, but not as much as a "real" textbook, you might try J. B. Calvert's:
"I can't help but mention that school and scholar are from Greek schole, spare time, and that student is from studium, zeal. These lessons are meant to be done in your spare time, and enjoyed. I don't expect you to memorize, but only to recognize, and look up if you don't... You need nothing else than these lessons, and a little enthusiasm, to learn serious Latin."
Or if you would rather do it the hard way

If you are stubborn enough to stick with it, you're sure to succeed with this memory-intensive approach:
Or you can download the:
Why do we need to study Latin, anyway?

Isn't it enough to know that Latin will make you a better science fiction writer? If you insist on more practical reasons, try these:

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