Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Multiplication Drill Games

Heading into 4th grade, Princess Kitten needs to master her multiplication facts. She has been enjoying these online games so much that she wrote about them on her blog:

Kitten's current favorite is the very girly Fairy Fun game. After working her way through some number of problems (she's never paid that close of attention, but it's more than 30), she gets to decorate her own fairyland scene. She has assigned each fairy a name and personality, developed their family relationships, and carefully puts each one "to bed" on a flower before closing the browser.

If your students aren't quite so "pink and frilly," there is still plenty of fun for them. Kitten also enjoyed the make-your-own-scene finale of Knights of Math. And Beach Rush is a great way to cool off in the hot summer, with a Mario-like side-scrolling game as a "reward" for each level of multiplication practice.

Of course, even in the summer, school is not just fun and games. So if you need a few tips for teaching multiplication:

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