Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Writing to Learn, and Carnival Highlights

Frugal Homeschooling Book of the Week

William Zinsser's Writing to Learn will take you on an adventure of learning. "Writing is how we think our way into a subject and make it our own," according to Zinsser. This book is not a how-to-write guide, but a wonderful inspiration for writing across the school curriculum (or anything else you want to learn). Find it at your library, and enjoy!

Check out the Homeschool Resource of the Day

Each weekday, the Homeschool Freebie of the Day posts a unit study, ebook, audio program, or other free resource that is available that day only. Scheduled for this week:

  • Wednesday, July 16: Homestead Simplicity - A Guide for Homemakers
    An ebook of homemaking help from Lisa Barthuly.
  • Thursday, July 17: 5 Minute Mysteries!
    An mp3 audio production. Can your kids recognize the clues and solve these classic mysteries?
  • Friday, July 18: Kids Fun Recipes
    A PDF cookbook with 120 goodies kids can make themselves.
Highlights from the Carnival of Homeschooling

Life is moving slowly in the humid Midwestern plains, as the Red Sea Headmistress treats us to the 133rd Carnival of Homeschooling. Pour out some iced tea, pull up a chair, and treat yourself to a restful day of browsing. I especially liked the following...

Classic poetry and favorite books:
  • My Favorite Poem
    "My public library recently had a notebook propped up at the checkout desk. On the cover were the words, 'Tell us your favorite poem.' So I opened the notebook to the first blank page, and I did. Now I’d like to tell you, too..."
Hands-on learning activities:
  • Homemade picture dictionary
    "It’s so much more meaningful when your kids’ personal dictionary reflects their own interests and vocabulary!"
  • How to rescue a snow leopard
    "One morning your dear child goes to check the mailbox and finds..." an adventure in geography, cultures, and zoology.
Planning, and implementing the plan:
  • Grade Two: The Very Last First Time?
    "This is the year to tweak things--to remember what worked well and what didn't; to gather up and use the pieces that there never seemed to be time for."
  • Habit Reformation
    "Getting back in the habit of doing our academic lessons after we have taken time always like trying to keep all those bowls spinning."
Carnival host Red Sea School is the homeschooling blog of a Minnesota family, as described by the Headmistress: "We’re (almost all) Catholics, we’re Democrats, we love reading, ice skating, Prairie Home Companion, and the State Fair."

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